Another Project in the Mill.

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Life’s been interesting juggling a full-time teaching career and trying to work on my next children’s book, but it’s finally happening! Learning watercolour techniques over the past year has been a challenge and dealing with the frustration of having to … Continued


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Not long now before I launch ‘The Laughing Tree’ and already pre-launch sales are going well. I’m thrilled to hear the positive feedback from those who have read it or bought it for their little ones. The response to the … Continued

Back on track!

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After password issues I have finally unlocked my site again and can finish updating my news. My next book is well underway with most of the illustrations finished. I hope to have it formatted and ready for printing by spring. … Continued

Writers’ Festival – Toowoomba

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What better way to meet talented people who are passionate about their craft than at a writers’ festival where authors, illustrators and publicists share their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all. Toowoomba Wordsmiths hosted their first festival in association … Continued

What to do?

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Oh what to do when you’re feeling blue and waiting for inspiration? Don’t wear a frown or wait around. Let go of desperation. For if you feel a void within it won’t be so for long. An empty space is an … Continued


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I enjoy the challenge of sketching a character and especially of painting children for they are honest in their expressions and reactions. A recently attempted portrait gave me great pleasure despite the frustration, at times, in trying to achieve the child’s … Continued

Toowoomba Writers’ Festival

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Countdown! With one month to go, excitement is building for the Toowoomba Writers’ Festival. The festival “aims to showcase the region’s unique blend of writers while bringing them together in a celebration of creativity and learning”. Scheduled for November 15, 2014, the festival kicks … Continued

Book Week

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Book Week – what a buzz! So many children had the fun of bringing their favourite story book characters to life through dressing up and experiencing the excitement of new books being added to library shelves. It was encouraging, as … Continued

Creative kids

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With the current trend to push for better results in our children’s literacy skills, fear of them losing their creativity is a concern. Children love to create and when given the chance and a little encouragement they can surprise both us and … Continued

Drizzly Days

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You can’t beat a drizzly day for snuggling by the fire with a great book to read and a hot cuppa. I must admit, after jumping puddles in town, tripping from bookshop to to bookshop and exploring echoing arcades and … Continued