This piece is about finding and showing gratitude for life and the opportunities offered to us whether we take them or not.

Painting is one of my many passions and whenever possible I spend hours at my easel putting my impressions and ideas on canvas or paper to share with others. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and trying anything crafty. In my high school years I learnt pottery and completed two brief years of art. As a young mum, I dabbled in oil painting and wood carving, being inspired by the masters and craftsmen. Renovating several homes gave me the opportunity to attempt furniture restoration, leadlight and the occasional wall mural.

Recently I was scrounging through an op shop, in search of pre-loved treasures when I came upon a painting by a renowned Australian artist. That was my key inspiration to start painting again; not house painting but artistic painting. The beauty of art is you can always improve, learn new skills and grow in both ability and confidence. Attending classes and workshops is a great way to develop techniques, exchange ideas and meet others with a passion for art.

My favourite style is Impressionistic, having admired the works of Monet, McCubbin and Gruner. I love the movement, moods, colours and light that can be achieved with this style. Realism is a great style for applying patience and focusing on detail. I am always amazed at how a single brushstroke can change the entire expression on a face.

For those of you who can admire the work I have done so far or even souvenoir a piece, I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it gave me in creating it